Sunday, January 11, 2009

As promised.....The K

Here she is 1952 K model. Sorry guys, I'm not an O.E. resto kinda guy. Planning on a Flat tracker for the street kind of set-up. Already have a KR bolt-on hardtail section ( Thanks Sporty Specialities). Thinking of running a 35mm ceriani front-end and a Triumph front wheel, not sure. There are a few parts I'm looking for. Alloy rims for the front and rear, Stock seat pogo, Aftermarket primary cover(the cool cast ones the drag racers used), and a KR oil tank.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ya just gotta love the "K" motor. Pics of my K model project comming soon!

Here are the pics. Like I said earlier, I'm still figuring this out.

So, all ya need is a wheel to finish that project?

Wanta buy a tire? Got a New Shinko Dual white stripe that's gotta go. Also got a smoke'n hot 36-66 Star wheel (new) black powdercoat on the hub and rim, Stainless steel spokes.
Ya buy them both, we can talk discount! Tire $120..................Wheel $380

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Getting Started

Still learning how to set this up so bear with me. Over the next few months I hope to show you some of what we have been working on here at Olddaze.

Here is a Triumph we built last winter.

Here is a Yammie GT 650 that Dano built last year.

More to come soon!