Friday, September 10, 2010

Been riding the crap outta the Shovel this year. Without a doubt the best bike I ever built.

Now that's a SHOVELHEAD!

Project Flathead

Not much to report on the `42 WLA project, other that I'm back on it. Looking for a WL frame to really get rolling. Donations accepted ;)

Shovel/Servi update

Got the Shovel/Servi on the road this year. This thing is a total blast to ride.
I've still got small details I want to finish this winter. Thinking about making a repop Servi-car cargo box.

On the road to the Wauseon swap meet. Rare shot of me riding with shorts. It was almost 100 degrees that day, something had to give. Note large cooler of beer!

Update on the local Ironhead

Got it done by early Spring and it turned out GREAT!!

Happy owner checking it out.

Unfortunately on Sept 7th Mike had a car pull out in front of him. Mike is busted up and still in the hospital.

Haven't been keeping up with all that's been happen`n

So...... time to play big time catch up....